Introducing Myself

I am Bjen and I reside in the great state of Washington. Don’t hesitate to look around my not so impressive number of tough watches. I’m a large devotee of Casio G-Shock but my soul doesn’t completely belong to G-Shock.

However, G-shock kind of make up the biggest bulk of my watches set. I’ve more than the usual dozen of G-Shock watches that I’ve amassed over the past decades or so. One thing I really like about my G-shock is none of them has failed me so far.

You may believe I’m insane but I know of other crazier men who possess hundreds of G-shock. So, mine is pale in comparison to such men!

Aside from the G-watches, you can find a significant variety of rugged watch choices to G-shock. But to tell the truth, unless you’re actually into it, you will never discovered some of the brands.

When talking about G-Shock aviation line of watches, no one needs much introduction. But not so is the case when talking about Alpine dive watch. Unless you have previously bought a dive watch, would you have heard of the brand? I guess not.

To cut my long story short, my gallery might not be as lavish as what some other ‘nuts’ may have. But I am happy to share them with you. As much as possible, I endeavour to upload pictures of every single watch within my group. But bear in mind that not all the pictures you see here are mine. This also entails they may or may not be in my group.

I do not generally set my watches up for sale. But if you locate any model which you love to have, don’t hesitate to speak if you ask me. If the price is right, I am up for it.

Have a great time!